International Class Blown Glass
Creation Process
The process of each piece begins with the fascinating metamorphosis of sand, soda ash, and lime heated in a furnace to 2300 degrees (F). The molten glass is gathered on a blowpipe where the master craftsman manipulates the fluid mass with dexterity and skill into the desired shape. The unique skills necessary to form this mysterious substance involve a steady rhythm of movement, combined with control, balance, timing and sensitivity, the addition of colour in the form of metal oxides (copper = red & brown; cobalt = royal blue; chrome = yellow; iron = green; etc.) become the craftsman's palette and complete the piece to be placed in the annealer for cooling down overnight. The final stage involves grinding and a signature to make this piece a transcended moment in time.

John Phillips creates interesting colour combinations to decorate his glass apples, birds, bowls, dolphins, elephants, pitchers, perfume bottles, vases and Objet d'Art - exquisite gifts for many occasions.

Subtle variations, small bubbles or marks are an indication of the hand made characteristics of studio blown glass. This distinguishes the unique nature of one of a kind pieces.